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  1. Am I an exempt payee? Am I exempt from FATCA reporting?

  2. Am I subject to backup withholding?

  3. Can I put a Loudr Logo on my website?

  4. Can Loudr license audio samples? What about my remix of another artist's recording?

  5. Cancellation

  6. Change Your Leaderboard Name

  7. Do I have to pay more money if a song has more than one copyright owner?

  8. Do I need to obtain a cover song license if I am giving away my song for free?

  9. Do I need to purchase a cover song license if I sell my music through Loudr Distribution?

  10. Does a Loudr cover song license allow me to use the song in a video, such as on YouTube?

  11. How do I access my Game Music Bundle (GMB) purchases on Loudr?

  12. How do I add my music to Apple Music?

  13. How do I bundle multiple albums together on Loudr?

  14. How do I delete an album from Loudr?

  15. How do I download the music to my iPhone/iPad?

  16. How do I download to Dropbox?

  17. How do I get my license from Loudr Licensing once I have completed my purchase?

  18. How do I save my music to my mobile device?

  19. How do I set up revenue splits for my album?

  20. How do I set up YouTube annotations?

  21. How does Loudr handle value-added taxes (VAT) for international artists?

  22. How does Loudr pay artists?

  23. How does Loudr process my license request once I’ve placed an order?

  24. How is Loudr different from Bandcamp?

  25. How long does it take for me to get a license through Loudr Licensing?

  26. How should I format my album information?

  27. How to Pay More

  28. I bought some music on Loudr but haven't received a download link yet. Where is it?

  29. I purchased a license through Loudr Licensing. Does it cover distribution outside the United States?

  30. I selected MP3 on my download page. Why did I get a .zip file?

  31. I signed up for a normal Loudr account. How do I become an artist?

  32. I submitted my album and now I can't edit it anymore. How do I unlock it?

  33. I'm a Fullscreen artist. How do I connect my existing Loudr account to Fullscreen?

  34. I'm an artist with original music. Do I have to allow full streaming of my tracks?

  35. I'm running a label. How do I add more artists to my existing Loudr account?

  36. I've heard that iTunes is blocking certain kinds of covers. How will this affect my music?

  37. Is there a limit to how much content I can submit to Loudr?

  38. My album contains cover songs. How long will it take for everything to be licensed?

  39. Publisher FAQ

  40. Rdio distribution is ending

  41. Switching from Limelight?

  42. Using Loudr Music in other Media

  43. What are the requirements for album art?

  44. What are UPC and ISRC codes, and where can I get them for my release?

  45. What do the various download options mean?

  46. What happens after I place an order through Loudr Licensing?

  47. What is "abnormal streaming activity"?

  48. What is a cover song, and why should I license my cover songs?

  49. What is a music publisher?

  50. What is a public domain work, and do I need to obtain a license to record a cover of a public domain work?

  51. What is Loudr's refund policy for Licensing purchases?

  52. What is Nielsen Soundscan, and does Loudr report my sales to Soundscan?

  53. What rights do I get when I license a cover song using Loudr Licensing?

  54. What rights do I NOT get when I license a cover song using Loudr Licensing?

  55. What songs can I use Loudr Licensing to license, and what happens when a song cannot be licensed?

  56. What's the difference between a Single, an EP, and an Album?

  57. When will I get paid for my sales from Loudr?

  58. When will my album go live on stores?

  59. Where can I view the exact terms of a Loudr license obtained through Loudr Licensing?

  60. Why am I required to provide tax information before submitting a release or withdrawing funds?

  61. Why are some streams restricted to 30-second previews?

  62. Why does Loudr need my tax form? Do I need to include my Social Security Number (SSN)?

  63. Why was I paid less than expected?

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