Do I need to purchase a cover song license if I sell my music through Loudr Distribution?

No. Cover song licensing for digital releases is built-in with Loudr Distribution. When you use Loudr to distribute your music to digital stores, you do not need to obtain licenses for the digital stores you select. We obtain a license and pay the publisher each time you make a sale.

If you wish to distribute your album on any non-Loudr download or streaming platforms, as ringtones, or in the form of physical releases such as CDs or vinyl records, you will need to obtain your own licenses separately for those non-Loudr releases.

You'll need your own licenses if you want to sell your music on your own Bandcamp or TopSpin store, use SoundCloud or Bandcamp for streaming, create ringtones of your cover song, or sell physical products like CDs or vinyl records. You can purchase standalone cover song licenses through Loudr Licensing.

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